Runescape Scams

If you have been playing Runescape for any significant amount of time you will have no doubt pick up that there is a significant amount of players that are willing to do almost anything to cut corners in the game, whether that be beg other players for hours for Runescape items, use cheats specifically designed for Runescape, or what I will be discussing in this articles – Runescape scams.

There is an ever increasing number of Runescape players searching for how to scam people on Runescape with Runescape scams, and with Runescape’s ever growing popularity there are unfortunately new, fresh and oblivious victims joining the game everyday so there is no shortage of new players to scam. So what can you do to make sure that you aren’t the next victim of one these Runescape scams.

Avoid Runescape Scams and get to Keep Your Runescape Items

One of the most common Runescape scams is the old trading scam where the scammer will start out by offering an item or amount of cash and then quickly change the items they are offering to something very similar in description or image to what you believe that you were to be receiving from the trade, but when in actual fact the value of the Runescape item or amount of Runescape gold you will be receiving will be vastly short of what you originally thought you were receiving. So how can your avoid these sorts of Runescape scams, well it’s pretty simple really – don’t rush your Runescape trades. Take your time, review each screen before accepting the trade, make sure you are actually getting the Runescape items you original agreed to. In addition to checking Runescape trade screens, to some degree, you shouldn’t trust players you don’t know, regardless of their level. There are a lot more Runescape scams other than this trade screen scams, here are a couple of the more common Runescape scams you will hear whilst you play Runescape.

Item Duplicator Runescape Scam

This scam involves someone offering to duplicate your Runescape items for you, all you have to do is give them your Runescape items and then they will do their “magic” to them. The reality is that they will take your items and never return. Of course this scams sounds so simple it is hard to believe that anyone would fall for it, well often what many of these scammers will do is suggest to you that you give them a cheaper item, like adamite or mithril armor or weapons and then they will proceed to give you back two of the items you just gave them, and then they may even suggest you give them another cheap item which they will again give back two of, and now having built a little trust up you may give them a couple of items that are little more expensive like some rune armor which they will then keep. So whilst they have given you some adamite and mithril items you have lost out overall because they stole your rune items which were far more gold.

The Personal Item Duplicator Scam

This Runescape scam is a little cruder and essentially involves someone convincing you that they have found out a way to duplicate Runescape items, and that you can do it as well. Then they will something to the effect of, “all you have to do is place the Runescape item on the floor and then wait 5 seconds and then stand on the item and then simultaneously press ALT + F4, at which point your internet window will close and you will be logged out of Runescape and considering it will take you quite awhile to load a new window and load Runescape again by which time the items you dropped will have spawned so that everyone can see them and which point the person who convinced you that you could duplicate your Runescape items has picked the items your left on ground up and run away.

These are a few of the more popular Runescape Scams out there and as I mentioned earlier in this articles more and more people are searching to find out how to scam people on Runescape and the old saying that there is a sucker born every minute is relevant in Runescape as it is in real life. So be aware of things that are too good to be true and remember that there are no such things are Runescape item duplicators so don’t fall for the Runescape scams that involved people claiming that they can duplicate your Runescape items.