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The Rune HQ web site (also known as RuneHQ or Runescape HQ) has to go down as what would be considered one of the biggest three Runescape fan sites on the internet along with Rune Tips (Tip It) and Runescape Help (Zybez & Runescape Community). Rune HQ was created by MrStromy but along with its forum helpers is maintained by a team of over 50 helpers. Rune HQ was created in late 2003 and has been quite a successful Runescape fansite since its creation. Its content and services have for that three year period been of a very high standard and generally been fairly up to date. Rune HQ has a large range of Runescape information, resources and services available for free to all its visitors including:

Auction House
Quest Guides
Skill Guides
Guild Guides
City Guides
Item & Monster Databases
Dynamic Sig Maker
Dynamic Underbanner Maker

Bit of Rune HQ History

Whilst Rune HQ has a wealth of information and a number of volunteers working and maintaining it, the site itself hasnt always been financially stable. In late 2004, early 2005, Rune HQ was having a lot of difficulties with covering its own costs due to its own popularity and has ever since been advertising for donations from its users in the form of PayPal donations in addition to running Runescape gold selling sites in their Google Ads, something that has become almost the norm for most Runescape fan sites in the as a result of little advertisers in the industry other than Runescape gold sellers. In addition to this they have for a long time been affiliated with the Runescape Gold Making Guide; Runescape Guide which for the large part has been criticized for charging too much money for the guide and not offering much useful information on making Runescape Gold that wasnt already available for free on many Runescape forums and sites, including its own.

Rune HQ Cons

Probably Rune HQs biggest deficit has for a long time been the lack of support and warm friendly service. The site is renowned for having very tight restrictions and little flexibility in users ability to communicate on their forums. This has lead some to suggest that Rune HQ whilst in general offer great information services has lacked general hospitality which has lead many visitors to become loyal members of other rival Runescape forums. Despite this somewhat cold and seemingly inconsiderate nature, this is more a testament to Runescape HQs true size that it need to so heavily regulate users activities to streamline their processes.

Rune HQ whilst not the first Runescape fansite on the scene definitely has cemented itself as arguably the biggest and fastest growing in the industry and it no doubt feature as a prominent fan site whilst the game itself continues.