Runescape Rare Items

Runescape Rare Items have gripped the Runescape economy and in a way are like the equivalent coastline real estate of real world. Why do I compare Runescape rare items to that of coast line or beach front real estate? Well because like beach front real estate there is a very limited quantity available in good locations and there definitely isnít more of it going on the market. Runescape rare items are the same, and their value is skyrocketing, and with every passing month the value of such rare items is increasing.

Why Are Runescape Rare Items So Expensive?

Well because back in 2001 and 2002 when these items were dropped they were dropped in a fashion that allowed them to be tradable. Yet they were only dropped brief period in time, the specific holiday that the item was created for. This of course meant that for any players that werenít playing on that particular day and wasnít able to pick one of these rare holiday items up it meant that they had to buy one off another player. This meant that there was an active supply and demand for these holiday items like party hats, santa hats, Halloween masks etc.

Now it is basic economics that price generally equals the equilibrium point where supply meets demand. So if supply equals demand then this explains why are the prices of Runescape rare items are so high. See the supply of the these Runescape rare items is essentially fixed or decreasing, meaning that with ever passing month the supply for these rare items is actually decreasing. Why? Well because every time someone with one of these rare holiday items quits Runescape without selling or trading their rare item away that is another rare item that leaves the market which means there are less Runescape rare items to be purchased and therefore this reduces supply and pushes prices up.

Now in addition to there being continual pressure on prices to increase due to the decrease in supply there is also an additional force on the demand side again further pushing the prices of such Runescape rare items up. This is due to the fact that the demand for these items is almost always increasing due to the popularity of Runescape itself increasing. What do I mean by this? Well basically every time new players join Runescape they too become another person that would love to own a Runescape rare item. So with every passing day, week, month, year, not only is supply dropping by demand is increasing. All of this eventually leads to strong upward pressure on prices.

Runescape Rare Item Duplicator

Now the only time in history that the price of Runescape rare items has significantly dropped was when someone worked our how to duplicate the rare Runescape item, the pink party hat, and of course if you could duplicate any Runescape item with your duplicator your would of course duplicate the most expensive ones which in this case was pink party hats which at the time were the most expensive of the party hats. So how did this affect the price of Runescape rare items? Well they plummeted. Why? Because there was a huge increase in supply of rare items in combination with a reduction in demand for rare items seeing people were unsure of their future, and both of these changes in supply and demand put huge downward pressure on Runescape rare item prices. Of course once Jagex had fixed the duplicating glitch prices once again began to rise again slowly to todayís heights of being multi-million Runescape gold purchases.

Purchasing your Runescape Rare Items

Well to own a wearable Runescape rare item is quite a privilege these days, and a privilege that Iíd imagine 99% of Runescape players wonít ever get the chance to experience. The sad reality is that the prices of Runescape rare items is quickly becoming out of reach for new players. Why? Well at the rate of inflation of these items it is hard to see new player being able to develop their characters to the point where they are able to earn enough Runescape gold to be able to pay for such items is probably getting out of reach. The amount of gold it costs to purchase these Runescape rare items seems to be close to doubling every 3 Ė 6 months. So even if a new player was able to make around 100k and hour on average and was able to play for 3 hours a day then that would mean that they could earn around 2 million Runescape gold a week. That that isnít a small task by the average Runescape players standards and when considering the cheapest of these wearable Runescape rare items is now over 20 million gold you are looking at it taking in excess of 10 weeks to make this sort of money, by which time the price of the item will have increased no doubt by at least 50%. As you can see it really is an upward battle in regards to obtaining a wearable Runescape rare item these days.

Runescape Rare Items Future

So what is the future for such Runescape rare items? Well one would think that the price would continue to go up, maybe not as fast as it traditionally has been rising, due to the fact that prices are extremely high at the moment and well out of the reach of the HUGE majority of Runescape players. So is there any potential for prices of Runescape rare items to drop? Well the only three circumstances that I can envisage a drop in Runescape rare prices would be in the following cases; someone manages to create another Runescape item duplicator which would again force prices of rare items down quite sharply. I couldnít predict the likelihood of something like this happening again in the future but I would imagine it would be quite low. Secondly the prices of such rare items would plummet if Jagex made the announcement that all discontinued items would be removed from the game. I donít know how quickly prices would plummet but Iíd imagine that you would probably see the prices drop to a few thousand Runescape gold very quickly, but I donít think Jagex would do this because they would probably lose around 20% of players doing it. The third way I envisage that the prices of Runescape rare items would drop would be if the popularity of Runescape itself would drop creating a situation where the number of people demanding such items would drop and as long as the number of Runescape rare items available to purchase doesnít drop this should bring around a corresponding price drop in the Runescape rare items market.

If youíre saving up for a Runescape rare item then best of luck and I highly recommend you start saving now and work as quickly as you can because otherwise you may lose your battle against Runescapeís inflation.