Runescape Pking

One of the most interesting and possibly the best aspect of Runescapeís game play is its wilderness section and Runescape Pking. So what is Runescape Pking? Well Pking stands for Player Killing. So basically itís where you enter the Runescape wilderness and attempt to kill other Runescape players. This of course is much more interesting that killing the regular NPC monsters of Runescape because you are fighting a living, thinking and creative person on the other side.

Runescape Pking Tips Ė Wilderness Basics

So are there any pking tips one should know before they go pking? Well I guess the obvious thing to mention is the stronger you are the harder you are to kill and therefore it is in your interests to be as strong as you can when you are looking to fight in the wilderness. Does this mean that you need to be level 126 before you enter the wilderness? Of course not. There are players of all level wondering around the wilderness, and one of the interesting things about the wilderness and Runescape pking is that not just anyone can attack anyone in the wilderness.

Basically the wilderness is divided up in to levels, in free to play itís levels 1 through to 50, and for each levels of wilderness people that can attack you and that you can attack must be within that level of wilderness of your combat level. So if a level 70 player was in level 14 wilderness they could attack or be attacked by any player that had a combat from 56 through to 84. Obviously the deeper you go the greater the range of players you can attack or be attacked by, this is something that should definitely be weighed up before traveling too deep into the wilderness.

Runescape Pking Combat Triangle

The premise behind a combat triangle is that there are three classes of fighters in Runescape; warriors, mages, and rangers. This combat triangle has a big influence on Runescape pking. If you are a pking as a warrior you find that when fighting a mage that they will hit you very hard and very often, because in this Runescape pking combat triangle they have the advantage over the warriors. Warriors are slow and cumbersome with all their armor where as mages are light because they essentially only need robes and runes. This gives them quite a weight advantage and thus they can run for quite awhile longer, and seeing mages can range from distance this means that they can essentially run far away enough from warriors that they can mage them without getting into a melee fight, and therefore not take any damage during the fight.

Of course whilst mages may be stronger against warriors they cannot use their same advantages against rangers. Rangers usually wear dragonhide armor which gives good protection against mageís spells and they also arenít quite as heavy as a warriors armor so they can run for quite a bit longer which reduces the mageís light weight advantage, and on top of all this they are also able to fight from distances which means that essentially the mage canít get in a position where there can deal damage without the damage being dealt to them as well. So rangers have a distinct advantage over mages in the Runescape pking, combat triangle.

hen the final side of this triangle is warriors against rangers. Warriors have heavy armor and a rangerís arrows generally are not very effective against such armor whereas on the other hand rangers have armor that is lighter weight and whilst effective against mages is not good armor to be wearing against well equipped warriors with good weapons. So Runescape pking warriors deal greats amounts of damage rangers and they hit frequently.

Runescape Pking Clans or Teams

Runescape Pking can be done solo but what is far more popular is doing it as a team or with a Runescape Pking Clan. Basically this is where a group of people get together to go Pking rather than going Pking by oneself. There are many benefits to this; the biggest being that there is safety in numbers. The Runescape wilderness is quite a dangerous place and running around by oneself can lead to being killed very quickly if you are wondering in the wrong areas. There are certain areas on the wilderness that are called multi zones where more than one person can attack you at a time, and if you are walking around the wilderness by yourself and a pack of 5 people start attacking you all at once chances are you are going to struggle to survive even if you are a higher level than them (assuming of course that they are reasonably high level players). So obviously there is also the benefit of being in a group when you are in the multi zone as well because you can gang up on individual players and bring them down quite quickly.

Pking in Runescape Teams

It is also worthwhile having a good mixture of fighting styles within the group as well. So if you are going out into the wild with 8 or 9 players it is good to take 2 or so mages and 2 or so rangers. It also helps a lot if everyone has somewhat an idea of how engaging an enemy will proceed, because efficient teams are extremely effective in the wild, and building a tight team that you can trust and rely on goes a long way to becoming successful in the wilderness and at Runescape pking.

I hope you have enjoyed this brief little Runescape Pking guide, best of luck in the wild.