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Hundreds of people a week find that somehow their Runescape password has managed to fall into the hands of someone who ends up hacking their Runescape account. More often than not these password hackers are friends of these people and have only managed to gain their Runescape password due to the fault of the Runescape account owner that was hacked, yet they still wonder how they hacked their runescape account. There are hordes of ways that people attempt to obtain peopleís Runescape passwords whether it be via guessing their security questions and changing their runescape passwords or whether it be attempting to embed a trojan on an individual's computer. The number of people of playing Runescape is increasing everyday and unfortunately it would appear that the number of people trying to find out how to hack Runescape accounts is also on the rise, despite Jagexís best effort to eliminate such behaviour. Everyday hundreds of people search for Runescape password finders and runescape password lists so you too need to be ever aware of protecting your Runescape password and your account full of your precious Runescape items.

Runescape Password Security

OK so what can you do to protect you Runescape password? It is going to sound simple and if you have heard it once you would have heard it a thousand times, donít use the same password for Runescape as you do other places. Itís a simple step and whilst 99% of other Runescape related sites you sign up at using some sort of password will be secure and have no intention of abusing the information they have on you that doesnít mean you should trust them (even if you know the data collected like your password is automatically encrypted).

Another simple step you can take to ensure you are never hacked is even easier than the first. It is never tell anyone your Runescape password or your password recovery questions. Youíd think this would go without saying but if I had to bet, Iíd bet that over 50% of all Runescape accounts that are hacked would be a result of person obtaining someoneís password by them telling them either directly or by them telling someone else who passes the information onto a third party. So a simple rule that will save you a lot of grief is just to never, under any circumstance, tell someone your Runescape password.

Now I mentioned earlier that lots of sites atomically encrypt data to prevent site admins or owners from using that information against users, this usually includes passwords. However encryptions like most things can be broken, so you want to make sure you make your password as secure as possible. So you password should consist of at least 8 character and include both letters and numbers. This should ensure that your password is as difficult to break as it can be.

It seems to be of growing popularity that Runescape players that are sick of earning gold the regular way are looking for quick ways to hack peopleís accounts and one of the most popular ways is having files installed on other Runescape playerís computers to collect the userís Runescape password. How do you avoid having you account hacked this way Ė simple Ė donít download mysterious files form untrustworthy resources. Just because it is on the internet and says it isnít a malicious file doesnít mean it is safe, and if you havenít already installed spyware and virus protection I highly recommend you get on top of that, because the internet is full of nasty files and you need a means of protecting both your computer and precious details from such things.

Another seemingly simple plan is also to make sure that you periodically change your runescape passwords. Whilst this technique is more often used to prevent your accounts being hacked on sites that have cookies enabled - which isn't the case for Runescape. Nonetheless, periodically changing you runescape password and your other account passwords if a good habit to get into.

Runescape Password Finder, Cracker, List and Hacks

As I mentioned above hundreds of people everyday are searching for a Runescape password finder, or runescape password cracker or hack, but the reality is there just arenít any. I mean I donít think that people are going to post free Runescape password lists on the internet that are of any use. I mean surely if a Runescape hacker had players' Runescape passwords they would use them for themselves, remove the valuable contents of the account then be done with the account. I mean what benefit is there for them by offering other Runescape players access to the account. As for Runescape password finders well I canít really comment that much on them, to my knowledge they donít exist and I have been playing Runescape since 2001, and how exactly would a password finder work? Unless the Runescape was obvious stored somewhere there is essentially nothing to be found, so unfortunately for many "want to be" Runescape password hackers they will go ahead and download programs claiming to be Runescape password finders or hacks but they are actually only downloading trojans or key loggers onto their own computers allowing others to hack their accounts. So if you are looking to hack Runescape accounts, save yourself the grief of having your own Runescape account hacked by playing Runescape the way it was meant to be played and stop looking for shortcuts.

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Additional Comments on Runescape Passwords

Given that this article has become very popular and that we receive a number of emails each month in regards to it I thought I would post some additional information to help serve as clarification on some of the common questions people ask in regards to this article:

Question: So you guys don't offer any Runescape password crackers for download?
A: No, we don't have a Runescape password cracker for download on this site. Nor do we recommend any sites that claim to have Runescape password crackers available on their sites. Nor do we ever recommend that anyone ever download Runescape password crackers because they are more than likely just trojans that will infect your computer and allow hackers to hack your Runescape account.

Question: This article didn't teach me how to hack Runescape accounts and passwords?
A: That wasn't the purpose of the article I'm afraid. We are only every looking to help players protect their Runescape accounts and passwords not teach want to be Runescape hackers how to hack them.

Question: So do you have any recommendations about choosing passwords?
A:Of course whatever you chose as your password it shouldn't be easy to guess. I think a good guide of Runescape passwords not to use was published on Runescape haven, which is worth reading - Runescape Password List not to use.

Question: You can actually download Runescape password changer hacks?
A: To my knowledge there aren't any Runescape password changer hacks that allow Runescape hackers to change Runescape account passwords.

Question: I really need a free Runescape account!
A: You can register Runescape accounts for free on the Runescape or Jagex site, but we unfortunately don't offer developed free Runescape accounts if that is what you are looking for.