Runescape Rare Holiday Items Party Hats, Santa Hats and Halloween Masks

Runescape rate items or discontinued item are Runescape items that were introduced into the Runescape marketplace for a single day to celebrate a holiday, this is why some have chosen to give them the name of holiday drops. So on what holidays were these rare items dropped? They were dropped all over Runescape on Christmas, Easters, and Halloween in 2001 and 2002, but unfortunately were not dropped in 2003 when Jagex decided that the introduction of these rare items was detrimental to the Runescape economy in light of the fact that people were hording these holiday drops and they were becoming quite expensive items because they were rare. They have now become the most expensive items in Runescape by a long way with prices for these rare items now reaching millions of Runescape gold and no doubt some of the rarer party hats will soon be worth over a billion Runescape gold pieces.

Runescape Party Hats or Phats

Runescape party hats, often referred to as Runescape phats, were introduced into the game in Christmas of 2001. These Runescape party hats were not actually dropped in Runescape themselves rather they were introduced through the form of Runescape party crackers. These party crackers were dropped in Runescape for free and players were able to pick them up and then use them on other players. Then just like with normal party crackers inside there was an item accompanied by a party hat. One player would get the item, which was random, while the other player would get the party hat. Now at the time obtaining the item that the party cracker contained was normally far more valuable but within a matter of weeks these Runescape party hats became exceedingly valuable as people realized that there was obviously a limited number of them available.

So with the dropping of these party crackers and party hats a new market was created, the Runescape rare items market. People began collecting these party hats attempting to collect Runescape party hat sets which are basically where a player had all the different colors of party hats, which includes, blue, white, green, yellow, red and pink (purple). These Runescape party hat sets are now worth well over a billion Runescape gold which and there is a very vibrant market for these items.

Runescape Easter Eggs

The Runescape Easter eggs were dropped in Easter 2002 and unlike the wearable party hats were edible this time healing player quite a considerable amount of damage. Whilst these items are still traded and highly valued they are not as prolifically traded as the wearable Runescape rare items nor are they as sort after.

Runescape Halloween Masks

These Runescape Halloween masks were the second wearable holiday item that was dropped in Runescape. This time the masks were just dropped rather than being contained in another item unlike the party hats were, but like the party hats there were wearable. This time the Runescape market was more aware at just how valuable these halloween masks were going to be in the future and Runescape rare items began collecting them from the outset and many players collected all three Runescape halloween masks, red, blue and green to combine them into Runescape mask sets. These items like the Runescape party hats are exceedingly valuable, though not quite as valuable due to the fact that there were many more Runescape masks dropped and collected than party hats.

Runescape Santa Hats

The Runescape santa hats were the final of the Runescape rare items to be dropped as a holiday item. These santa hats were dropped for Christmas of 2002 and were like the masks in that people were well aware at this stage as to just how valuable these santa hats would become in the future and as such people again began collecting and hording them from the outset. Today these Runescape santa hats are the popularly traded Runescape rare item and of all the rare items available they are in the highest quantity still remaining in the game.

Runescape Rare Items Future

All of theses Runescape rare items are exceedingly valuable and their value is fairly likely to grow considerable higher in the coming months and years. The rates at which the market price for these rare items grows is amazing with most of these items more than tripling in value each year. It has already been mentioned that already a Runescape party hat set is worth well over a billion Runescape gold pieces and Id imagine that it wont be long until a single Runescape party hat will be worth over a billion Runescape gold pieces by itself.