Runescape Millions - Runescape Money Making Guide

Runescape millions is a guide to making millions of Runescape gp or gold pieces. This Runescape money making guide costs $5.50 to purchase and gives you some methods of making good amounts of Runescape money primarily via means of merchanting, which essentially is a practice in Runescape where players buy significant quantities of items for cheap prices and sell in high quantities at a premium price. Many have purchased the Runescape millions guide and have been relatively disappointed with the information supplied, this I imagine is largely because this Runescape millions guide is not really intended for the experience Runescape player rather is targeting a newer Runescape player that may not be aware of all the potential ways of making good returns on your time invested into Runescape.

The Runescape millions guide covers more than just the aspects of merchanting, it also covers the ins and outs of how to make good amounts of money off traditional skills like mining, fishing, etc and as a rule of thumb suggests that most players can earn around 100 – 250k an hour with such skills when used effectively and efficiently. However one of the major reasons why people are often unsatisfied with the Runescape millions guide is that apart from the merchanting section most of information contained within the guide can be found on all the popular fan sites, often in more comprehensive and update than in the paid guide.

That said the main aspect of the Runescape millions guide is that merchanting section, and whilst not explicitly said in the guide this is a skill that when utilized effectively can allow Runescape players to make over a million gold an hour. So whilst this money making guide isn’t for everyone, if you are a relatively new player and are interested in learning a bit more about how to make money in Runescape quickly and effectively it may well be worth the read.