Runescape Hacks

Runescape hacks are one of the most searched for Runescape related topics. It seems that so many Runescape players are looking for the short cut to Runescape money and feel that getting their hands on some Runescape hacks is the best way to go about making their millions. So why is this the case? I can’t help but feel that with a game like Runescape where essentially those who can invest the most time excel makes it difficult for those that do not have the time to invest into the game yet want to still enjoy the game as a high level and wealthy player. This of course would lead many to start looking for shortcuts like Runescape hacks. Unfortunately more often thank not many of these players in search of Runescape hack downloads end up being hacked themselves.

Free Runescape Hacks Downloads – Beware of Password Hackers

So many Runescape players fall victim to downloading Runescape hacks that end up hacking their own Runescape accounts. There are no hacks for Runescape that allow you to change your characters stats or duplicate rare items, and if there are sites or hackers out there claiming that they can they are just trying to make you their next victim by getting you to download the “Runescape hack” which will then install a trojan on your computer and then allow them to hack your Runescape account with their key logger. The reality is that there are no free Runescape hacks or paid ones for that matter, but if there were Runescape hacks out there I can assure you they would not be freely available. The amount of money that could be made from hacking Runescape is truly astronomical and I highly doubt that anyone with the expertise to hack runescape would be quick to let such knowledge get out to the general public to the point where they couldn’t exploit such knowledge.

Runescape Password Hacks / Tricks

One of the most common scams you will see on websites, forums and even in Runescape itself is the oldest scam in the book – the Runescape password hack. Basically the password hacker will say something like “if you give me your Runescape password I’ll deposit millions of gold and a couple of party hats into your account”. Of course all that will happen is you will give that hacker your username and password and they will take all your items out of your bank and deposit them into their own. If you are lucky you will get your account back – but that will be if your lucky. So don’t fall for the Runescape password hack / trick and just remember that you should never give out your Runescape password that is just asking for someone to hack your Runescape account.

How to not have your Runescape account hacked

Basically there are some very simple rules you can apply to avoid having your Runescape account hacked. Firstly and foremost don’t give your Runescape password out to anyone, ever! It’s quite a simple rule yet it is amazing just how many times people give out the Runescape password and a couple of days later are complaining they got their Runescape account hacked. Next step is don’t download Runescape hacks. Why? Because so often these Runescape hacks are just Trojans and key loggers that are not designed to hack anyone else accounts other than your own. The same goes for thinking like Runescape auto miners and auto fighters; they so often just key loggers. Next step is not to use your Runescape password anywhere other than on the official Runescape site, whilst many other sites will encrypt your password on the rare occasion there has been cases where people have collected user’s passwords via sites like forums and clans etc. Next step after keeping your Runescape password private is to make it reasonable in length, at least 8 characters comprised of both numbers and letters to make it as difficult as possible for those that do try and decrypt your password. Short passwords that are encrypted and are not made up of at least 8 characters tend to be quite easy to break with time. So the longer your Runescape password is, and other passwords for that matter, the harder it is for hackers to hack your accounts.

Well I hope you found this little guide about Runescape hacks useless and you will be able to some of the information on board to secure your Runescape password and make it as difficult as possible for people to hack your Runescape account.