Runescape Glitches & Bugs

Throughout the history of Runescape, players have discovered glitches some that are no big deal and some that caused nothing but havoc. Below are only some of the known glitches of Runescape that have been found in the past.

Completing Dragon Slayer With No Magic

As you may know, level 31+ magic is required in order to cast telekinetic grab on one of the map pieces for Dragon Slayer. However, these map pieces were once tradable during Runescape Classic, which meant a pure could buy the map piece and kill Elvarg without getting the necessary magic level in the future. The only way to get the map piece was during the Beta version of Runescape 2, when a player could transfer his/her items from Runescape Classic. This made it possible for someone to transfer the map piece that was meant to be dropped by Wormbrain, the goblin. Since the Beta version of Runescape 2 was only temporary, only a few pures that have a rune platebody are left.

The Runescape Knife Glitch

An old glitch in Runescape Classic allowed a player to hit WAY higher than he/she would be capable of without using the glitch. To do this, you would have to fill your inventory with knives and a weapon. You would then drop the weapon while walking, which wasn't possible in Runescape Classic. This caused your character to equip the knife, which would add to your weapon's strength. This meant that someone with 10 strength and a bronze axe could hit at least 25!

The Runescape Pink Party Hat Dupe (November 7, 2003)

Nowadays, people may tell you that they can duplicate an item and make you rich. That is not possible anymore, but this Runescape glitch was in the past! Before, there was a minor bug in Jagex's code, which a few people found out and took advantage of. This bug allowed any non-stackable item to be duplicated, which meant these people could use the identification code of expensive items and make as many as they wanted. Soon enough, the magenta partyhat (people called them pink) moved from being the most expensive partyhat to the cheapest partyhat. The magenta partyhat moved from about 5 million gold to only 200k gold in a matter of days and caused a big dent in the economy. Apparently, these newly duplicated items looked exactly like the original, so Jagex couldn't tell who had the real partyhats and who didn't. Now to this day, the magenta partyhats are now of a darker shade and are still the cheapest partyhat because there are a lot more of them than the other partyhats.

The Falador Massacre (June 6, 2006)

On the "day of the devil," was the day Cursed You was celebrating his accomplishment of achieving level 99 construction before everyone else on Runescape. However, it wasn't all fun and games when some people found a glitch that let them go playerkilling outside of the wilderness. Durial321 and a couple others used this bug to attack and kill people scattered across Falador. People lost all sorts of valuable items because of this bug and soon demanded a rollback. Apparently, this memorable catastrophe occurred during the middle of the night for most of Jagex staff members. It was too late to have a rollback, but Jagex did what they could and eventually had Durial321 banned, possibly along with others. Sadly, the people killed that day did not receive their lost items back, but Jagex will do what they can to make sure this won't happen again.

Other Runescape Bugs & Glitches

In the month of January 2007, a rollback occurred, which affected a handful of members playing at the time. This meant that the last few hours were practically erased completely, and all the things that players did in that time were gone. In addition to experience lost, it was reported that some items were duplicated in the process. For example, if someone were to sell a white partyhat to someone else during this time, the seller would get to keep the white partyhat and the money while the buyer also had a white partyhat.

During late March 2007, there were several small graphic glitches and so Jagex staff used to Wise Old Man to fix them. It appeared that they coded the character of this NPC to "watch over" the glitches and make sure they didn't happen again. One example was in world 82, where many people were able to walk on the water by Catherby fishing spots. Mod Ash soon patched up the problem and stuck the Wise Old Man there and made him run some code to fetch stuck people out of the water. There were also a few hidden system updates were Jagex quickly fixed the bugs and put the Wise Old Man back in Draynor.

In addition to the Runescape glitches stated above, there are also quite a few of unusual things someone can do while in a player owned house. For example, there is one glitch where a player can eat quickly while sitting down and be able to move their character in the seat itself! There are also other house glitches where one can attack someone else in a dungeon even though player-vs-player (PVP) mode is off. These bugs on Runescape are not reported to be harmful but we do not promote doing this since it can be considered Bug Abuse, which is against Rule 4 in the game.

Questions & Answers on Runescape Glitches

Here are a few follow up questions we are often asked in regards to this Runescape glitch article:

Question: I heard there are Runescape money glitches. Is this true?
A: To our knowledge there aren't any Runescape money glitches that still work, nor were we ever aware that there was a money glitch, but it is quite possible there was, but no doubt it has since been fixed.

Question: Are there any easy rs glitches that still work?
A: Once again not to our knowledge there aren't any hard or easy rs glitches that are still function in the game and there definitely doesn't appear to be any rs glitches that are greatly advantageous to players. If there were you'd probably hear about them on the grape vine pretty quickly as they don't stay secrets for long.

Question: Why don't you explain exactly how to do Runescape glitches?
A: More than anything because all the glitches mentioned above have been taken out of the game so there is no point knowing how to do them. Also the specifics on how these rs glitches actually are exploited isn't all that well know. There may well be other sites out there that have more information than us on how to exploit Runescape bugs and glitches.