The Runescape Combat Calculator

On many top Runescape fan sites you will notice that they provide a set of skill calculators. What are skill calculators? Basically a skill calculator tells you what level you currently are and the amount of individual items you need to carry out to get to your next level. A combat calculator will ask you for your current levels in; attack, strength, defence, hitpoints, range, magic and prayer. When it has used a calculation on these skills it will return you with your current combat level and how many levels of either of the skills you need to advance in to gain your next combat level.

Combat Level Explained and Its Influence

By knowing a player’s or monsters combat level you are able to tell how hard it would be to defeat them in the case of a battle. Levels that are a lot lower than yours will appear in green, levels that are a little lower than yours will show slightly more yellow, levels that are the same as yours will appear as yellow and levels higher than you range from orange to deep red.

Monsters that attack you without warning will normally only stop attacking you if your combat level has equalled or is slightly/a lot higher than theirs. This is different with all monsters as some will attack you no matter what Combat level you are.

If a monster is a higher level than you then you cannot just click on it to attack it, you must right click to attack it. This is for your own characters safety as you may not want to risk losing to a monster that is 80 levels higher than you and could potentially kill you in one hit.

Each new player of Runescape 2 starts off as a level 3 and can reach a maximum of level 126. This differs to Runescape Classic where the maximum level is 123.

Calculating Your Combat Level

Different Between Runescape Classic and Runescape 2 Combat Levels

You may find out that your level is different on Classic than it is in Runescape 2. Do not worry about this; it is due to the fact that levels are calculated differently in each version. I know it may seem confusing, but would you really hate gaining some levels…