Runescape Autoers Explained

When you see someone in Runescape exclaiming that there is an ‘autoer’ and for everyone to report them you may wonder what on earth they mean. Well a Runescape autoer is basically someone who is using a program which automatically carries out a task for the person who runs it. A person will record a set of actions and then when they have completed the action instead of playing fairly they will set the program to continue to carry on for them. Runescape autoers are often program that repeat the more repetitive tasks of Runescape, like mining ores for you or fishing for you.

The Types of Free Runescape Autoers Available

There are hundreds of different type of Autoers for Runescape that can be downloaded and used in the game, but the list is too long so I will name but a few of the major ones. It should be pointed out at this point that autoer programs are considered macros and are against the rules of Runescape.

Runescape Auto Miner

The Runescape Auto Miner isn’t the most common auto programs, but it is still one that is used to make a lot of money with little effort. A good prevention to this is when the rock being mined starts to smoke and the pickaxe will break unless you move away quickly. When this happens to an autoer they are stuck as they have no pick axe. They often avoid this by carrying more than one pickaxe.

Runescape Auto Woodcutter

The Runescape Woodcutting Autoer is one of the most used Runescape autoers. You will constantly see players using them as you navigate around Runescape. There are many level 3’s cutting away at trees, especially in Draynor Village. These autoers will not respond to you, so there is no point wasting your time trying to speak to them, they will not reply.

Runescape Auto Fisher

Also when you’re in Draynor Village take another look when you are by the willow trees as you will see many level 3’s continuously fishing, non-stop. There is nothing you can do about this other than report these abusers of the game to Runescape through the report abuse button.

Runescape Auto Talker

These you will definitely have seen lurching around West Varrock bank on World 1. Annoying as they are, again you cannot do much about it other than report these people. These people set a program to continuously say the same thing over and over again. With their built in mistake maker to type some of the words wrong to make it look like they have tried typing fast but got it wrong makes it hard to tell who is and who isn’t cheating.

What action is Jagex taking against Autoers for Runescape?

On the 19th January 2006 Jagex banned over 15,000 Runescape accounts for using a to play the game for them to gain an unfair advantage. Jagex say that they ‘We can detect this type of cheating VERY easily. Surprisingly some people seem to think they can get away with this, but we’re making sure you can’t.’ Jagex have systems that specifically find people that are cheating by using software which will ban not only the account they are on, but any other account they own. They again updated their systems and banned another 19075 accounts on 11th May 2007 and say that they ‘ban 8000 accounts each week.’

Jagex state that, ‘We will not let cheats spoil our game for everyone else. It's just not fair on our millions of legitimate players to let a selfish few try and spoil the game for everyone else.’ Many people think Jagex aren’t doing enough to get rid of the autoers, but will there really ever be a way to find one immediately and then ban it? I doubt it. Though with the recent additions of the limited exchange system they implemented along with the Grand Exchange they definitely put a big dent in the real world trading market, which were the main abusers of Runescape autos. Other than that all they can do at the moment is keep on reviewing the reports sent in, and don’t expect them to read them all, there are millions sent in each day.

What Happens If I Download a Runescape Autoer

It is HIGHLY likely that the file will contain a virus and infect your computer, in a lot of cases beyond repair. This could require you to buy a new hard drive or even a new computer. There is also a possibility that the file contains spyware which will record your keystrokes, INCLUDING usernames and passwords. So don’t Download Runescape Autoers.

The Effect of Runescape Autos on Others

Autoers for Runescape are used by people who want to gain an unfair advantage in the game. This involves cheating to become better than other players who are playing the game fairly and could possibly be unaware of this situation. Other players are pushed down the highscores list and disregarded by the cheaters. Pretend Runescape was a board game and you were playing against a friend. Suppose they cheated by moving your counter back a space, I’m guessing you wouldn’t be happy at this stage. This is exactly the same as playing online and having players cheat to become better than you.