Runescape Auto Typer

The Runescape Auto Typer is a program or macro which types a single message at a constant rate, while you do nothing. They are used in a number of games, mainly Runescape, for the purpose of advertising or just to annoy other players and “spam” the chat log. Some use it to advertise a website in games which sell items that are used in the game, or related to the game. Though with the recent release of the Runescape grand exchange it may reduce the number of people using auto typers for Runescape considering there is a better way to sell your unwanted Runescape items.

Are you allowed to use Auto Typers?

Most games don't allow you to use them, or forbid you to use them, but people will still use them for their own gain. It is easy to tell if people are using the program, because they normally set the typing speed to very fast, and types a very long message. You can tell that no person could type that message at that speed without error, but some people will put it on slow, and it is harder to recognise. Their effect on games like Runescape is generally quite minimal, but they do fall under the category of a macro or auto bot.

Are Runescape Auto Typers Against Jagex’s TOS?

Runescape auto talkers are described as a macro or bot and as such are not meant to be used in any way whilst playing Runescape, but using them will not result in your ending up in jail, but if you are discovered using one in the game you will most likely have your Runescape account banned. So I suggest not using them.

Free Runescape Auto Typer Downloads

You can generally find free Runescape Auto Typers download sites via Google, but you need to be aware that there are a lot of fraudulent Runescape bot sites out there offering downloads of macros like the Runescape auto typer when in actual fact they are trying to get you to download a Trojan so they can capture your Runescape username and password, or other valuable information. So be wary or avoid the programs all together.

Written by Wardron