Runescape 3

You may not know it but the Runescape game that you play today is actually called Runescape 2. WHAT?! I hear you say. Yes, its true, the Runescape youve been playing is really the second version of the game. So what was the first version of the game? Runescape Classic. To find out about Runescape Classic please read the Runescape Classic article. Runescape 2 is the 3D version of the game, as Classic was 2D. More skills were introduced in Runescape 2 and more places, items, monsters and people have been added.

Jagex Plans for Runescape 3 or Runescape 3 Beta

Would you like to play on Runescape 3 or Runescape 3 Beta? Well, Im sorry to say that there is no such thing. You may see claims that you can try out Runescape 3 on a Runescape 3 Beta website, I can only tell you to not sign onto these or bother looking into them at all, these are all Runescape scam sites and often contain viruses. These scam sites can steal your Runescape account and many thousands of people have had their accounts stolen from sites claiming to be Runescape 3.

If there were to be a Runescape 3 Beta website then Jagex would post this on the home page of the official Runescape website.

The Possibility of there Being a Runescape 3 in the Future

To be perfectly honest there is probably a high chance that there will be a Runescape 3 in the future. I know that Jagex says that there are no plans for a Runescape 3, but I find it hard to believe that over the next 2 to 5 years there wont be dramatic changes/advancements in game engine technology that wont warrant a significant and dramatic change to the game that will be class as an entirely new version of the game.

Improvements That Might Be Included in a Runescape 3 Realese

If Runescape 3 was ever released I expect that Jagex would possibly give the places a sleeker look, along with the items, monsters, and players. Another excellent improvement would be that if the dragons would perhaps hover over the floor and look like their wings are flapping slowly to give the effect that the dragon was flying. IT would be most likely that a a compelte gaming engine overhaul will mainly be focussed around the idea of improved game performance more so than changes in the style of play itself, though like the upgrade from Runescape Classic to Runescape 2 there may well be a revision of the gameplay.

Im sure a lot of people will fantasise over many things that could be improved on, so Ill leave it at that.

Will Runescape Become like other MMORPGs such as WoW

Does Runescape need to be put onto CDs and be installed on computers rather than constantly downloaded? The answer from a lot of players is YES! Many people think that Runescape should follow in the footsteps of WoW and other such MMORPGs, but is there anything else to it other than burning the files to a CD and distributing it to shops all over the country, the answer again is yes. It would cost Jagex millions to provide a CD version of the game, but it is doubtful that they wouldnt make the money back over a short period of time.

Runescape 3 Being Played on other Gaming Platforms like Playstation or Nintendo Wii

There have already been discussion between Jagex and other gaming platform operators about the potential for porting Runescape to a console game, and considering that many console gaming machines are more frequently incorporating internet access it seems like a logical step for Runescape to venture into the console gaming market. I think that if Jagex offered this then Runescape would really send Runescape mainstream.

Anyway for the time being we must be happy with the current Runescape 2 version of the game, but I expect that in the coming couple of years that Jagex will make a revolutionary change to the game whether it be the gaming engine used, the style of game play or the medium which the game is played on that will warrant the upgrade to Runescape 3 status.