Runescape 2 Cheats: The Love for Runescape 2 Hacks: Autominers, Item Duplicators & Autobots

It would appear that when people search for terms related to Runescape 2 all they really want to know about is how to make easy Runescape 2 Money or Gold through means of Runescape 2 cheats, hacks, autobots, item duplicators, stat changers or other sinister means of making money. How do I know this? Well I recently did some research on what Runescape players where searching for when they searched with the term Runescape 2. These were the results of the top 10 most searched for items including the term Runescape 2:

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Why search for Runescape 2 Cheats, Hacks, Autominers & Item Duplicators?

It never ceases to amaze me just how many people out there are trying to cheat their way through Runescape and find a quick way of making a few extra gold pieces instead of playing the game like the rest of us do Ė just as a challenge and for fun. I donít understand it? I mean I think it is a sad state of affairs when hundreds of people are searching for runescape 2 hacks and cheats instead of searching for things like runescape 2 help or forums where they can go to site like the forum I run, Runescape Boards, and get good quality help that will not only be loads more reliable but also wonít get your banned and all things considered will probably earn you a lot more Runescape gold along the way.

Make Runescape Gold the Right Way

The main reason Iím writing this guide is for all those out there attempting to find great free Runescape 2 cheats, which unfortunately donít exist - like the runescape 2 stat changer (there has never been a Runescape 2 hack like this, if people are claiming they can change stats it is just a scam). So I'm here to say that there is a much better and smarter way to play Runescape, and it involves playing the game for fun with dedication. If you combine these with a bit of intelligence on time management you will have a wonderful character and loads of Runescape Gold and items in your account in no time. Take this advice from someone who has been playing and involved with the game for over 5 years. Just remember that all these short term methods of making gold also only last in the short term because sooner or later your character will get banned and all your gold will be lost. If you play smart and often you will make all the Runescape Gold you can dream of and you will have made it the right way and it will be yours to keep. Good luck.