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Well, the first question on your mind should be what are Moparscape Servers? No, they aren't the Mopar (motor parts) made by Chrysler or any other auto company. Moparscape Servers are Private Servers which are not run by Jagex, but by players of Runescape who have created their own 'Runescape' Servers using Runescape as their starting base when they download moparscape. Users of private servers like Moparscape have more flexibility and game play options than on the official Runescape servers; examples given would be that users can set their levels by typing in client side commands different to every server and get them up almost instantaneously depending on the codes. You also do not need an IP or to register to play and just click 'Start Server' will let you get in to Moparscape Servers straight away.

Positive Aspects of Moparscape Servers

Moparscape servers serve as a haven of freedom to players who like a walk on the wild side when playing games and don't want to be hampered by rules of game play with the fact that Moparscape itself is illegal by breaking Jagex's copyright of Runescape. Moparscape servers also provide an alternative to Runescape players who might have been temporarily or permanently banned from their Runescape accounts but who still want to play Runescape. Fun Runescape private servers like Hybridscape (which are built into Moparscape) also draw players who want to have some fun with doing weird stuff like walking through walls in Runescape, and many a player has had fun taking screenshots of themselves in Moparscape Servers with items like full dragon, and every party hat in or not in existence.

Negative Aspects of the Downloaded Moparscape Servers

Moparscape Servers are illegal as I've said above, since creators breach copyright laws by stealing code from Runescape to make their own servers. Jagex has often closed down such private servers by threatening creators with lawsuits from Jagex, but ten private servers also pop up with the demise of any one under different names. Moparscape also has many copycats pretending to be it when the copycats are just key loggers or malware with a false name, causing players to infect their own computers with viruses in the name of fun. You are advised not to use your real Runescape username and password, or any password that you use for sensitive information such as banking, e-mailing and working.

For more information on Moparscape servers, head over to Runescape cheating websites like sythe, eliteneo, fagex or the official address to play moparscape, download moparscape or find the moparscape scripts list. You can also search on Google for where Moparscape is available on other websites.

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Additional Comments on Moparscape Servers

This Moparscape article amazingly has become one of the most read pages in our article section and we have received a lot of enquiries relating to it, and as such I have compiled a few responses:

Question: Where can I get the moparscape client download?
A: Well without link directly to the site, because we try not to support sites that don't align themselves with Jagex's rules, but if you do a quick google search for moparscape client downloads I think you will find what you are looking for.

Question: Should I be wary of the Moparscape client download? I hear bad things?
A: Whilst we here at Runescape 100 aren't recommending that anyone downloads anything specifically, however if your source your download moparscape client from the official moparscape site you should be fine.