Methods on How To Make Fast Money In Runescape Guide

If you’ve just started playing Runescape and want to know how to get along making millions like the players who are at the top, but you’re struggling; don’t worry; this article was design to gives you the knowledge of some of top Runescape money making methods.

The most common money making methods in Runescape

Making money in Runescape is just like in real life, and whilst you make think this stupid at first, it will make sense in the long run; you need money to make money. This phrase is a favourite of mine as I learnt it was true when I started making millions myself. The following are the best ways to start off making money in Runescape:

Killing Chickens

Yes, it sounds stupid but you can make a quick few thousand gold pieces (gp) by killing chickens. How is killing a chicken going to make you thousands? The killing part actually isn’t going to make you money, only get you some experience, but it’s the feathers that are dropped that you need to pick up to make the money.

You can sell feathers for 5-7 gp each on a free world or 10-12 gp on a member’s world. A chicken will drop from 5 – 15 feathers each time you kill it. That works out at 35 – 105 gp each kill on a free world or 50 – 180 gp on a member’s world. It doesn’t take long to kill a chicken as it has such low hp (hitpoints).

Rune Essence

If you have no money on Runescape then another of the quickest ways to make money is to mine Rune Essence. Go south of Varrock East Bank to the Rune Shop, talk to Aubury and choose to be teleported to the rune essence mine. Mine the rune essence and sell each one for 25 – 30 gp each. If you mine 1000 rune essence you’ll be able to sell it for 25 – 30 thousand gp.

Merchanting To Maximise Your Runescape Money Making

The best way to maximise the money you make is using a method that I personally use a lot; merchanting. What is merchanting? Merchanting is the art of buying items that are cheap and then selling them for more than you bought it for.

The following is a list of some of the best items to merchant. (It is recommended for you to become a member as it is easier to make more money more quickly).

Merchanting Big Bones

A good way for non-members to expand and make more money is to buy and sell Giants’ big bones which are dropped when they are killed. You can either kill the Giants or buy these bones for 275gp each and sell for 350-400 gp each.

Merchanting Nature Runes

The lower amount of money you spend on each nature rune the more money you will make.

The prices I buy for are:

Bought for 250 each and sold for 350 each:

Amount of Natures Bought Cost for 250gp each Profit when sold for 350 each
500 125,000gp 50,000gp
1000 250,000gp 100,000gp
10,000 2,500,000gp 1,000,000gp!!!

Merchanting Unidentified Herbs

You can make millions a day using this technique. You can easily buy unidentified herbs (unids) for 1k each and then resell them for 2k each, but what you should do is buy for 500 – 750 gp each and then selling for 2k each maximising your profit by around 50%. For every 1k unids you buy and sell you can make a whopping 1 Million gp profit, and that’s when you buy at 1k and sell at 2k.

Best Runescape Money Making Method

The best money making is about taking chances which have a 99.999% of working in your favour. You can make millions an hour by using this technique. Managing to buy a usually high priced item for far cheaper will make you serious money. If you are a member it is recommended to sell your goods on the official Runescape forums.

Here are some items that you can use to make you millions an hour:

How To Look After Your Runescape Money

I suppose that you don’t want to have made many millions using this guide, just to have it all taken off you within seconds. So for the safety of your gold, I have added this little mini guide of pitfalls to look out for.

Scammed by Mistaken Amount

There are people in the game that may try to rip you off in a trade. For Example: If you were selling an item for 35,000gp (35K) and the person puts up 35K and clicks accept, they quickly change the amount to 3,500gp (3.5K) in hope you will not notice. You should always check the second trade screen to make sure that everything is as it is meant to be.

The Two People Scam

Two people make a plan as following. One person says they will buy a black bead for 20k and another person (their friend) says that they are selling a black bead for 5k. You then think that you can make a quick 15k. When you buy this bead for 5k and think you can sell it for 15k more then the person who was buying for 20k says that they have just bought one and you have then just lost out on like 5k as a black bead is only worth something around 1gp. You would have spent 4,999gp more than it is worth. This can happen with larger pricing items, beware of this scam.

Jagex Password

If someone types in ‘Jagex blocks your password, look here’s mine ******.’ These people are wrong and are trying to hack your account. If you make the mistake and type it in then they cannot log on when you are on so just change your password when you are online, otherwise you will have lost your account. NOTE: Jagex does not block your password if you type it into the text box.

Item Doublers

Nobody can double your items so if someone tells you to drop items and press Alt and F4 this will close your page down and by the time you load back up this person will have run off with your money/items. Do not fall for this scam.

Jagex Staff

If someone tells you that they are Jagex staff and they can get you free stuff then don’t believe them as Jagex staff hardly ever plays with normal players. This is a scam that nobody should fall for as staff never play and wouldn’t give anybody this option as they would probably be fired!!