Games like Runescape

Well firstly what is Runescape? Runescape fits into a gaming category called MMORPG which is an acronym for Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. The most distinguishing feature about Runescape is that there arenít many online games like it. Runescape is a browser based game that is played for free by the majority of its players. It was created back in 2001 and was a relatively new entrant on the scene of MMO games. It has a fantasy setting like most other online MMO games that is adventure based with loads of quests to complete and skills to develop.

So are there any other online games like Runescape?

Well there arenít a lot of online games like Runescape, but there sure are a lot of similar online RPG games out there in the market. Many of these games can be purchased from your local game stores or downloaded form the internet. They include titles like World of Warcraft, Guild Wars, Star Wars Galaxies, Everquest II, Lineage II, Final Fantasy XI, Maple Story and Silkroad Online are all a couple of good options. Though you should keep in mind many of these games arenít like Runescape because they either charge a monthly fee to be played or arenít browser based, rather need to be installed on your computer to be played.

Why is it hard to find online games just like Runescape?

Well there are two main things about Runescape that really make it quite unique. One it is utterly free to play. Sure it isnít the complete version but a large proportion of the game is free to play and gives you an eternity of great game play and enjoyment out of a free game. Secondly there arenít any other online games like Runescape because it is completely browser based. Meaning that you donít need to buy the game in a store or download some 700MB file and install it on your computer to play it. It is all played online with your browser with your character and your stats, items and gold all saved on the Runescape servers. Another thing that is hard to find in other online games that Runescape has is the sheer number of people that play it. It is one of the most popular online RPGs with over 100,000 simultaneous players playing the game at any one moment.

Most Popular Alternative Online Games

Whilst there arenít any games exactly like Runescape a few of the popular alternatives were mentioned above, including World of Warcraft which is by far the most popular MMORPG online at the moment with over 8 million subscribers. So if you are after a popular alternative to Runescape, and you donít mind paying a monthly fee, then World of Warcraft would be your best option. If you are after a free online game, Guild Wars is a good option if you are willing to buy the actual game first, meaning you pay for the game in a store but there is no on going monthly subscription payment. If you are looking for a completely free alternative you might like to try something like Maple Story, this is a very popular free alternative.

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