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Almost every player during their Runescape career would have at one point probably searched for free runescape auto bots or some variation of the term like runescape bots or runescape autos in curiosity. Runescape auto bots or Runescape macros, as they are also called are arguably the most sensitive topic for most Runescape players. Newer players to the game might wonder what these Runescape bots mentioned by more experienced players are. Well, they are programs created by experienced coders which are designed to play a Runescape account for in place of a physical person. So basically a Runescape player would run their Runescape auto program and just leave their computer switched on.

Macroing with Runescape Auto Bots

Runescape auto bots also come with many different scripts which can do all sorts of tasks like completing quests and are obviously more efficient than a person considering they don't get distracted from their set tasks. These free Runescape auto bots can do all the work like clicking on trees while woodcutting and mining your ores for you while you sleep, eat or watch TV.

Some of the better known free Runescape auto bots are ARYAN and SCAR. They are both macros that let you auto in Runescape. Many users have suggested that SCAR is the better program, as long as you know a little bit about the programming language needed to create scripts for SCAR. Many actually claim that there is very little chance of you getting detected for using a Runescape auto bot, though that theory seems to have disproved a number of times in Runescape’s history.

Basic scripts for tasks are easily found on the web or Runescape cheating websites, but a lot of these custom make scripts don’t come with inbuilt anti randoms and auto talker, these features you normally need to pay a fee for. If you are going to get involved with Runescape bots I recommend that you be prepare to deal with the bigger risk of having Trojans and viruses embedded on your computer.

Negatives of Free Runescape Macros and Auto Bot Downloads

If you weren’t already aware Runescape auto bots are illegal and are against the Runescape Rules of Conduct in Rule 7 - Using Third Party Software, to gain unfair advantages against other players. Despite this many players who use free Runescape auto bots will argue that the benefits are greater because they are free to do other things like going out with friends, but at what cost? There is very little support from creators if you encounter problems with the auto bots you download since privacy is preferred over being sued by Jagex. It's also very easy to get caught by other members of Runescape who work hard for their Runescape items without help from programs, not to mention that Jagex has a special programs designed for the catching of players using auto bots, which would mean losing any hard work you put in personally. Plus at the end of the day isn’t the game designed to be enjoyed – and what is enjoyable about achieving nothing.

Being Banned from Runescape for Downloading Runescape Autos

In the past thousands of Runescape players have found themselves banned for using illegal Runescape macros and auto bots like those mentioned above, SCAR and ARYAN - On 19 January 2006, over 15000 Runescape accounts were banned for cheating and thinking they could get away with it. In the message posted onto the front page of the official Runescape website, Jagex again reminded players of their systems that they could easily detect cheating and that if you cheat it was just a matter of time before you were banned.

Jagex has always taken a firm stance on not allowing people to cheat and their reasoning as much as anything is that software like Runescape auto bots are mostly from untrusted sources that often contain key loggers, trojans and viruses which can cause harm to your computer. A lot of Runescape players have had their accounts stolen because they installed trojans and viruses disguised as free Runescape auto bots on their computers and that is something that cannot be said often enough, with so many players still falling for the same old tricks by Runescape scammers.

Playing Runescape using auto bots will get your access to the official Runescape servers removed and your account banned by Jagex, but if you are still adamant on trying out free Runescape auto bots then best of luck to you – you will need it.

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Additional Comments for Free Runescape Auto Bots & Macros

This article has become quite popular and we get quite a few emails from people wanting clarification or more information about Runescape bots and macros. So in this section I'll try and do my best to answer a few of the more popular quesitons:

Question: Do you have any free Runescape bots for download on your site?
A:No, we don't offer and Runescape bots for download on this site.

Question: Do you know where we can find rs bot downloads?
A:Once again the answer is no. We don't recommend any sites that offer Runescape autos for free or download.

Question: Why don't you recommend any sites that have Runescape auto bots for download?
A:The simple answer is, your and your runescape accounts safety. The moral answer is Runescape wasn't designed for bots it was designed for people to enjoy.

Question: What's the difference between Runescape macros and Runescape auto bots?
A:Nothing really, they are just different names given to basically the same program, though the more popular term is generally considered to be Runescape bots or autos.

Question: How many different sorts of bots for Runescape are there?
A:There are loads of different bots for Runescape ranging from, auto clickers, autominers, autofighters, auto fishers, auto talkers, auto woodcutters, auto trainers. Basically if there is a repeative task in Runescape someone has designed a Runescape bot script or program to automate the process.

Question: Do you ever think Jagex will be able to eliminate RS bots and macros altogether?
A:Probably not. It would appear that just like in real like where there is an unwinnable war on drugs, povererty, racism etc - Runescape seems to have its own unwinnable war with rs bots, hacks and cheats.

Written by Takuyar